Metal is a diverse genre

Apparently some people think metal always sounds the same.

I partly agree that 99% of metal will be quite similar, however there are more than a few exceptions to that rule.

A relatively random sampling of my music library revealed a few of them:

Soilwork – Let This River Flow

Rise To Fall – Fall To Drama

Celldweller – I Can’t Wait

Avenged Sevenfold – Blinded In Chains

Sonic Syndicate – Aftermath

I had a hard time choosing a good song for Soilwork, everything they do is awesome – but only if you learn how to appreciate the stuff.

I also almost linked some music by Machinae Supremacy, but because they also make incredible stuff, I had a hard time deciding which song to link and I ended up replacing that with some Celldweller :3

Also, check out Lia-Sae’s post on the same topic, the songs referenced there are also good examples.


About Meteotrix

Ex-DICE intern (programming, 3 months). I study how awesomeness works for hours every day, because I want to understand how to make awesome art. Most of my knowledge comes from personal research, reinforced by plenty of reading of online material. I'm currently studying Computer Graphics Programming. My goal in life is to share and improve myself and others.
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