My name is Julien and I’m a 26 year-old gamedev from France + England.
In life I enjoy three things:

1 – Hoarding all the technical skills

2 – Working on kickass art

3 – Helping out people

All the skill-hoarding I’ve done so far:

Programming – 9 years
Graphics Programming – 6 years
Art – 3 years
Game Design – 3 years

After all that training, I’m best at

Graphics Programming and Tech-Art VFX

well, mostly that

By now, I’ve solved a lot of challenges, from small hobby projects, all the way up to some AAA game development work.

At this point, my next area of interest is looking into challenges that AAA game studios face themselves, such as productivity considerations for creatives, and hard problem solving for game engines.

Projects I developed:


Where I’ve studied:

2009-2012 – Bachelor’s in Software Engineering at Lille 1 University in France

Algorithms, Data Structures, Hardware Architecture, Systems, Software Design, Project and Business Management, Accounting, Communication, Mathematics, Object-Oriented Programming, C and Assembly, Networks, Web Development, Work Law (French), Business Economics, Databases and Back-End development, Functional Programming, Automated Programming, Compilers

2012-2015 – Master’s in Computer Graphics at Linköping University in Sweden

C++, Graphics Programming, Computer Graphics Optimization, Global Illumination, VFX for Cinema, Mathematics for Computer Graphics, Game Design, Game Development, Image Processing and Analysis, Modelling and Animation, Virtual Reality, Scientific Academic Writing, Scientific Visualization, Information Visualization, Visual Culture & Technology, Swedish

2015-2018 – Extra Bachelor’s in Digital Arts at ESA St-Luc Brussels in Belgium

Storyboarding, Artistic Pre-Production, 2D & 3D Modelling and Animation, Live Drawing, Illustration, Script-Writing, Creative Programming, Game Production, Efficient Software Use, Photography, Sculpture, Typography, Semiology, Philosophy, Litterature, Art History, History of Animation, History of the Media, Contemporary Art, Music Culture, History of Sound Design, Copyright Law (Belgian)

My proudest moments during those years:

Ranked successively #4, #12, #7, #3 out of 127 students in semesters 1, 2, 3, 4 of my first two years at Lille 1.
I still took time to help other students a lot.

Got selected to represent Lille 1 University for a 3-month Erasmus Internship at Turku University in Finland in 2011 and I got graded A+ along with my teammate.

Worked as a game designer on a hobby game project with a classmate the entire second year at Lille 1 (she was #1 every semester).
It helped her get an internship at a game studio that year.

Wrote articles for AltDevBlogADay during year 3 at Lille 1.

Successfully passed the technical recruitment tests for programming interns for Avalanche Studios and EA DICE in 2012.
Got an internship at DICE and completed my mission in a satisfactory way.
Got credited in Battlefield 4.

Participated in the Ludum Dare 29 game jam in 2014.
Got ranked #240 out of 2497 games, and #87 in the humor category.

Finally released in 2015 a warcraft video I had been working on since 2009.
It got rated 5.00/5.00 and got >72,000 views, and made it into the warcraftmovies.com timeline of big videos.

Had several of my projects selected and displayed on the school website, and during the school’s open days in both 2017 and 2018, to represent the Digital Art program and the school at ESA St-Luc Brussels.

Tech I’ve worked with:

skills in white are secondary

Programming Languages
C/C++, C#, Java, Flash ActionScript 3, Shaders – GLSL, HLSL/Cg -, HTML, CSS, SQL, Erlang, Bash, Matlab, Python, arduino, motorola 68k assembly, Javascript, PHP, COBOL

Graphics APIs – OpenGL, DirectX through Unity -, various Unity APIs, GLUT, C++ STL, OpenMP, POSIX, J2EE, Processing (Java), Flixel (ActionScript 3 gamedev), CUDA, FFTW, jQuery, Java Swing (GUI), openEXR, Ogre3D (3D+UI), OpenAL (audio), ODE (physics)

Art Software
Blender, Maya, Photoshop, Krita, Illustrator, TVPaint, VEGAS Pro, After Effects
PhotoImpact, InDesign, Substance Painter, Sculptris(free version of Zbrush), FL Studio, MakeHuman, Mischief, CameraRaw, Mixamo

Game Engines
Unity, GameMaker, Frostbite

Source Control
Perforce (P4V), Subversion (SVN), TortoiseSVN, Unity Collab

Visual Studio, Eclipse, Mono Develop, Sublime Text, Notepad++, Brackets, FlashDevelop, Emacs, NetBeans, vim, Code::blocks, arduino

CodeXL, Unity, Gdebug, Adobe Scout, AMD Catalyst

Unit Testing

Windows, Linux, PS3, Xbox360, OS400

Database backends
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access

Server backends

Visual Studio, Cmake, Makefile, gcc

UML, FileZilla, WireShark

Roles I’ve had:

My Team Responsibilities and People Skills

These are the projects where I worked with the largest teams

2017-2018 – current student team gamedev project (8 months total, 5-people team and 8 supervisors):

Roles: Rendering/FX Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, Audio Prog., Anim prog., Co-Game Designer, Co-Writer, Co-Concept Artist, Level Designer, Animator

-I don’t fuck around with feature creep & production costs °^°
-Finding tools / techniques
-Comparing tools / techniques
-Keeping track of workflows / techniques
-Optimizing workflows, suggesting alternatives
-Keeping track of objectives, progress, priorities and responsibilities
-Deciding which techniques to use based on performance, technical debt, ease of use, look
-Implementing features requested by artists
-Teaching teammates how to use tools
-Making sure everyone’s workload is fair by keeping track of responsibilities
-Collaborate with our music and audio guys

2012 – Internship at EA DICE (3 months, ~10-people team):

Role: engine-feature programming intern

-Implement & integrate features into Frostbite for Battlefied 4 & Mirror’s Edge 2
-Follow programming standards
-Update to the latest build every morning
-Keep a log of my activity for my school and send weekly reports
-Help my teammates with debugging hard bugs
-Keep my code multi-platform, test it
-Keep my code performant, profile it
-Keep my code documented
-Ask questions when I get stuck
-Attend 2 meetings a week: with my direct team (engine), & with the whole game team
-Get my code reviewed before checking it in
-Respect legal non-disclosure clauses when writing my internship report (not mention physics engine details)

2011 – Erasmus Internship at Turku University (3 months, team: one french teammate + 2 supervisors and a student from Turku University):

Role: database and internal website co-admin, webdev

-Implement or integrate requested features
-Meet every two weeks with the team
-Work on both the dev and production databases
-Send weekly reports back to our home university

2017 – Social Media Poison – Photography Project (4 months):

Role: one in a team of four artists/writers

-Co-decide on themes and aesthetics
-Make technique suggestions
-Do realistic rendering experiments in maya
-Find tools in maya/blender to execute our designs
-Share techniques with my teammates and help with troubleshooting on their machines
-Oversee large-format printing consideration for everyone’s work

2017 – Vertical Workshop on Big Data – Artistic Installation (5 days):

Role: one digital artist in a team of 6 artists of different specialisations

-Co-decide on themes and aesthetics
-Make technique suggestions
-Implement technical ideas, plus organizing & DIY building of the installation
-Predict technical challenges and discuss options with teammates and teachers
-Keep track of the collective vision of the project to be able to explain it to teachers

My Hobbies & What They Bring Me:

Dance Dance Revolution – If I can get this good at this, I can get good at ANYTHING.

Speedrunning – I don’t have to beat anyone, I just have to improve myself, also the best way of doing that is learning from others.

Gaming – PvP, Coop PvP, PvE, Coop PvE – Fictive problems can teach you real solutions.

Music Production – It turns out that I can level up some of my skills without even doing anything. I think of that phenomenon as similar to putting a pizza in the oven: the skill is the pizza, my brain is the oven. I have to spend a couple hours preparing the pizza by gathering the ingredients and putting them together, but then it’s the oven that does the job while I’m busy doing other stuff. And then when I check it, hey I learned stuff without even realizing! It also works short-term with programming tasks too. Spend a couple hours understanding the problem, try a couple ideas, get stuck, leave, go to bed, come back the next day, boom, problem solves itself in ten minutes instead of 5 hours. It’s actually one of my favourite tricks of all time x)

Game dev – I never had any doubts I wanted to be a gamedev when I grew up. Now I’m definitely one and my goal has morphed into how to be the best game dev -not beating others, but instead doing the most valuable things game devs can do in terms of helping humanity.

Research & Teaching – What’s the point of learning tons of stuff if I get into a car crash & get amnesia. I have to share my knowledge otherwise it’s a waste. Also keeping it to myself -when I owe a lot of it to others- would be selfish. Here’s a mind-map of the themes I’m interested in, and how I group them :3

Experimenting with cheap writing & production techniques – Being a one-man army at production is insane, I need the shortcuts. It’s basically like speedrunning, but for producing value :3

Reading Articles – At 3 a day for 9 years, I’m basically at 10,000 I guess \O/ a bit every day adds up to tons in the long run :3

Learning Japanese – I consider my n°1 strength to be my ability to learn anything technical really fast, and learning Japanese -which is as challenging as Chinese Mandarin difficulty-wise- is good practice not just for the language itself, but as a challenge to my learning skills themselves :D Weirdly enough I’m not even a weeaboo or watch anime that often. I’m learning Japanese for business reasons! Their graphics programmers are really good, and they struggle to find software engineers, so I thought why not learn it to take a break for game dev.

Machinima – Hey if you checked my warcraft video you’ve seen some machinima already :D Machinima is one of the fastest and easiest movie production methods around so even though I haven’t made any in years, I’m still inspired by the idea of making my movies in game engines, even if I have to develop the game myself first :>

DemoScene – The Demo Scene is basically what emerged from hackers getting together for LANs often enough that they started organizing crack intro competitions, which evolved into graphics demo competitions. In turn, the competition made hackers ridiculously good at math and graphics technology, so now they’re essentially the technical side of the visual entertainment mafia :D You’ll find them working at game studios, movie studios and production tooldev companies :3 I haven’t really submitted any prods to demo competitions yet, though I did work together with my best friend on one by making the soundtrack for her, but when she realized the competition rules had changed she changed her mind. You can listen to what I made back then if you want :3


Anyway, Thanks for reading! If you want more info, you can check what I’ve been working on in 2018 in my end-of-year recap thread on twitter ->here<-

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